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Magic Seed is a brand under Moms Village Asia Sdn Bhd. It is a unique, eco-conscious and innovative product that has gained popularity among people and corporate organisations that champion Environmental and social governance  (ESG) as parts of their framework. 

This product perfectly exemplifies how technology and sustainability can work together. Magic Seed is a plantable product that can be planted and grown into plants. This product is made from recycled paper and is embedded with seeds of various plants. When the product is planted, it sprouts into a beautiful and vibrant plant. We have various products such as Seed paper, Seed Pencil and Pens, Recycle Paper Seedpods, Soils Seedbombs and customised Gifting packages.

What do we do?

  • Every month, over 57,000 tonnes of paper which can occupy 456,000 cubic metres of landfill space, are thrown into landfills in Malaysia, the equivalent of chopping down 680,000 trees of marketable size.
  • Another Problem with current gifting trends at celebrations is that sometimes it is a waste because guests do not value it, e.g Invitation cards get thrown away after the wedding is over.
  • UNHEALTHY sweets as a gifting option that is a risk for alarming diabetes rate in Malaysia; 3.6 million Malaysians suffer from diabetes, the highest incidence rate in Asia.

Our Product

“Say Hello to Our Team of Superheroes

Ready to Save the Day!”

Vatsala Nair

Chief Inspiration Officer

Vatsala Nair, is a Community Enabler on a mission to empower women through financial independence. She firmly believes that women can take control of their lives by recognising their worth. Vatsala launched the #10Ringgit campaign to inspire women to break free from abusive relationships and achieve self-sufficiency. 

Roselin Das

Chief Amazement Officer 

Roselin Das, a pro at providing stellar training and mentorship to entrepreneurs and startups in Social Media Marketing and Platform Optimization. With over 10,000 individuals trained, she’s a top Entrepreneurship trainer and the principal trainer for a government project. Roselin has also trained many corporate companies to succeed.

Sugidha Nithiananthan

Chief Happiness Officer 

Sugidha Nithiananthan, a top 15% graduate in Law from the National University of Singapore in 1988, spent 15 years in private legal practice in Singapore. After that spent about 10 years as an in-house General Counsel for the Tolaram Group, leading the legal teams on an infrastructure project to build a deep-sea port in Lagos, Nigeria (the Lekki Port Project).


Our eco-friendly, budget-friendly green promotions and plantable business gifts are now customizable to fit your company’s branding perfectly! Each product is designed using plantable paper or pencils with a biodegradable eco-paper developed by Magic Seed that uses post-consumer material embedded with seeds. When your recipient plants the promotional product, it grows into wildflowers, herbs, or veggies, leaving no waste. Today, experience our green promotions and plantable business gifts tailor-made to meet your brand’s unique needs!

“How We Make a Difference: Direct Testimonials from Our Clients”

Eco-Friendly Gifting
Eco-Friendly Gifting
Eco-Friendly Gifting
Eco-Friendly Gifting
Eco-Friendly Gifting

Eco-Friendly Gifting

“Recycled Paper Seed Pods – Celebrating Earth Day

Earth Day, a worldwide event held annually on April 22, celebrates our planet and promotes environmental sustainability. As we approach this particular day, it’s crucial to remember our role in preserving the Earth.

“From Gift to Garden: How Plantable Paper is Revolutionizing Corporate Gift Giving”

In an era of increasing environmental consciousness, companies across the globe are striving to make their operations and ethos more eco-friendly.

“Plantable Pencils and Pens: The Perfect Corporate Gifts Aligned with the ESG Framework”

A new era of corporate gifting is on the horizon, where sustainability is the watchword and impact is the ultimate goal. Plantable pencils, pens, and customized place cards are emerging as the ideal corporate gifts that align perfectly with this ethos.

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