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“Eco-Friendly Plantable Products”

Magic seed Product

Magic Seed “Eco-Friendly Plantable Products” is a brand under Moms Village Asia Sdn Bhd. It holds a unique, eco-conscious and innovative product that has gained popularity among people and corporate organisations championing Environmental and social governance  (ESG) as part of their framework. This product perfectly exemplifies how technology and sustainability can work together. Magic Seed is a plantable product that can be planted and grown into plants. This product is made from recycled materials and is embedded with seeds of various plants. When the product is planted, it sprouts into a beautiful and vibrant plant. We have various products such as Seed paper, Seed Pencil and Pens, Recycle Paper Seedpods, Soils Seedbombs and customised Gifting packages.  

Plantable gifting has been introduced previously, but Magic Seed has taken it to the next level. The product is not only eco-friendly but also aesthetically pleasing. It can be used for various purposes, such as corporate events, invitation cards, thank you cards, greeting cards, bookmarks, calendars, postcards, envelopes, door gift business cards, and many more. All our products can be customised base on our client’s requirements with their branding.

“Magic Seed: Sow Creativity, Harvest Sustainability”

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