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Plantable Seedpaper

SeedPaper: The Green Choice for Your Cards

In today’s fast-paced, consumption-driven world, sustainability has become more critical. With this in mind, Magic Seed offers an innovative, eco-friendly solution – Seed Paper. This unique product embodies our commitment to promoting environmentally conscious practices, helping us all do our part in preserving the planet.

What is Seed Paper?

Seed Paper is a type of handmade paper that contains various kinds of plant seeds. It’s a biodegradable, eco-friendly product made from post-consumer materials, which means no trees are harmed in its creation. What truly sets it apart is its plantability; when you’ve finished using the paper, you can plant it in soil, and with the proper care, it will grow into a beautiful plant.

How Can SeedPaper be Used for Cards?

The versatility of Seed Paper makes it a perfect choice for various types of cards. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Thank You Cards: Show your gratitude in a green way! A SeedPaper thank you card expresses your appreciation and gives the recipient a plantable gift that grows. It’s a unique and thoughtful way to say thanks that will leave a lasting impression.
  2. Invitation Cards: Make your event stand out immediately with SeedPaper invitations. These are perfect for environmentally conscious couples planning a wedding, businesses planning a corporate event, or anyone hosting a gathering who wants to make an eco-friendly statement.
  3. Name Cards: Bring a touch of nature to the business world with SeedPaper name cards. They’re a fantastic conversation starter and an excellent way to demonstrate your company’s commitment to sustainability.

In a world awash with waste, finding sustainable ways to repurpose materials reduces our ecological footprint and connects us more deeply with the environment around us. At Magic Seed Malaysia, our mission is to turn waste into wonder. The journey of our eco-friendly corporate gifts, from discarded A4 and mahjong papers to blooming plants, exemplifies this mission. Let’s take a closer look at this transformative process.

1. Sourcing the Materials:

Our quest begins in the mundane surroundings of offices and gaming parlours. We collect used A4 papers, which people might otherwise throw in trash bins or send to recycling centres, and mah jong papers that players often discard after games. We ensure these papers are free of harmful inks and contaminants, setting the stage for their new purpose.

2. Transforming to Seedpaper:

We shred the collected papers and soak them in water, turning them into pulp. We then combine this pulp with seeds to create our signature seedpaper. The type of seeds we use varies, but each one promises a beautiful and environmentally beneficial plant.

3. Crafting Plantable Products:

We then shape and dry the seed-infused pulp to make plantable pens, pencils, and seedpods. Our intricate design process ensures that each item is functional and aesthetically pleasing.

4. Gifting and Beyond:

As these eco-friendly products find their way into corporate events and recipients’ hands, they carry a story and a promise. Unlike conventional gifts that people often forget in a drawer, our products tell a different tale. Specifically, when the pen runs out of ink or the pencil becomes too short to use, they don’t meet its end. Instead, they embark on a new phase of their journey.

5. The Blossoming Finale:

Recipients plant these used pens, pencils, or seedpods in soil. With just a touch of water and a dash of care, what was once discarded paper seamlessly transforms into vibrant plants. These plants beautify spaces and purify the air, contributing positively to our environment.

At Magic Seed, we’re dedicated to providing products that meet your needs and contribute to a greener and more sustainable world. Our Seed Paper can be customized according to your preferences, allowing you to incorporate your designs, logos, and messages.

By choosing SeedPaper, you’re not just opting for a unique product but also making a statement about your commitment to the environment. As the paper transforms into a plant, it symbolises the power of growth, renewal, and sustainability.

For more information about our Seed Paper and how it can be tailored to your needs, please visit our Facebook page Magic Seed or contact us at We look forward to helping you bring your green ideas to life!